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Why Become a Cub Scout?

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Join the Cub Scouts and enjoy activities that allow your child to:


Lifelong Skills as a Cub Scout

We care about the overall growth of your child. Your son or daughter will not only have fun participating in outdoor activities and learning valuable skills but enjoy character-building opportunities. Find out what Cub Scouts could do for your child:

Say it has helped them be more honest.

Say it has improved their ability to work with others.

Say it has helped them better sympathize with those less fortunate.

Say it has helped them become stronger team players.

Become a Cub Scout

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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about Cub Scouts and how to join your local pack!

How do Cub Scouts keep my child safe?

Boy Scouts of America and Cub Scouts are committed to the safety and well-being of all scouting participants. We do this byincorporating barriers against child abuse that include leader background checks and mandating reporting for any suspected abuse.

Does Cub Scouts welcome girls and boys to join?

Yes! Cub Scouts now welcome boys and girls to join. While Cub Scout packs are co-ed, boys and girls will be separated into individual dens by gender.

How do I find a Cub Scout unit near me?

To find a Cub Scout unit near you, simply enter your zip code above, and we will show you all the Cub Scout units in your area!

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